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Four Methods to Master the Ice in NHL 18

EA sports NHL 18 will soon meet with the audience, but not everyone is a veteran player. Follow these tips and tricks to improve your game at any time。

From line management, shooting lanes through the driveway, we’ve got all the coverage you have here. Be sure to check out the eighth page, because it’s brand new.

Line Management
If you can manage your lines properly, it is possible to stay ahead of the game.Better yet, managing your team can set you up for a comeback goal if you need to quickly win the hat。
To do this, you will need to change your lineup during the game or during downtime. This will ensure that your line  is at its highest level. Use tactics such as key matchups, double shifting your top players, or landing your best center for a face off.
Change your forwards:
PlayStation: Circle
Xbox: B
Change your defense:
PlayStation: Square
Xbox: X

Time Out

If necessary, use a timeout. If you are a target,  tired players, or ice hockey, it is time to take advantage of your time
This will allow your players to rest and restart their stamina, ready to face off.
To call a timeout, select pause in the team management section when there is a pause play.

Picking Your Shots
Let your shot count manually shoot them. This allows you to aim at your camera, select the open corner, and have the best chance to score.

If a corner is not open, try to shoot lower for a rebound. Go into gameplay settings to change your shot type. Taking Away the Lanes
Block those passes and shots from your opponents with the crouch and shot block.
These mechanics limit the lanes before the other team can pass or shoot, forcing it to change the attack plan to a last-second alternative—and throwing the opposing players off-balance.
Crouch block:
PlayStation: L1
Xbox: Left Bumper
Shot Block:
PlayStation: R1 +L1
Xbox: Right Bumper + Left Bumper

Tying Up Your Opponent
Net Front Battles and Extended Stick Lifts are the two new defense mechanisms in NHL17. Net Front Battles will tie up your opponent in front of the net.
This will prevent the rear pass and limit the ability of the opponent to rebound. Extended Stick Lifts slow you to lift the player’s stick anywhere for a period of time to block passes and cause turnovers.
Net Front Battles: When you get close to the opponent and use them in front of the goal.
PlayStation: Hold Triangle
Xbox: Hold Y
Extended Stick Lifts: Use these when you approach your opponent.
PlayStation: Hold X
Xbox: Hold A

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