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Aion Classic can be played for free and without a subscription

Time to relive the glory of the past and choose a side in the battle between the forces of light and darkness in Aion Classic. Beginning today players can experience the vaunted MMORPG as it launched in 2009 but with some added quality of life improvements. Aion Classic puts players in the role of Daeva – ascended beings imbued with the ability to control Aether the source of power in Atreia. Players can take on one of the original four player classes and explore the land defeat the monsters of the realm or partake in faction PvP combat. Beginning today players will receive a free week of subscription for Aion Classic. For full details visit the official website:

The reddit user Hathaway_Noa shared a screenshot showing he is in the login queue at position 12,456.

According to some users in the comments the queue from the server Siel has already increased to over 30,000 players. The second server Israphel is completely dense and the queue is considered “full”. It is not currently known how many players will be there.

So what can players expect when they log in today? For the most part you’ll be looking at 2009 Aion. That means four classes: Warrior Scout Priest and Mage. It also means a level cap of 50. This will be the same content that Aion Classic launched with in Korea back in November.

As we’ve noted there are founder packs for the game that include everything from costumes and titles to gametime plus an optional subscription (Siel’s Aura) that allows abyss point harvesting gathering skills and bonus expies. Everyone gets Siel’s Aura for the first week mind you. We’ll see whether enough western players leap in to move the needle even further on Aion’s revenues than the Korean launch already has.

Aion Classic features:

Subscription-based Model: As in days of yore Aion Classic will be subscription based. Players can purchase Siel’s Aura which unlocks full experience gain and the ability to acquire useful in-game currency and items.
Four Player Classes: In Aion Classic only the original four player classes are available to players – Warrior Scout Priest and Mage. Each class has two unique ascensions.
Level 50 Player Cap: Aion Classic features slower progression dungeons from days gone and a return to hunting zones of the past. Take to the skies with wings to explore the massive world of Atreia.

Compared to 2009 however there is a customized client and some balance adjustments including fewer experience points that are needed to reach the max level.

Aion Classic can be played for free and without a subscription but there are strong restrictions that can only be lifted by a subscription.

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