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All phases at a glance | World of Warcraft: Classic

Vanilla WOW Gold World of Warcraft: Classic is not perfect yet additional content is being puzzled at various stages. Overall there should be six phases with the launch of the game represents Phase 1. In this guide we provide you with an overview of what awaits you in each phase.

The goal of the various stages is to match the added content to your power and level. So in principle it should be possible for you to move forward in the current phase to the extent that you have already completed most of the content successfully so you are immediately motivated to approach the new content directly.
Basically the distribution of the game content in different phases cheap Vanilla WOW Gold to ensure a longer game motivation and incidentally watch the developers of the current game to see what can be improved with the patches so you all have a particularly enjoyable gaming experience.

In general the phases should be coordinated so that they harmonize best in this order. The same applies to the equipment and items in the game. Accordingly there may also be minor differences from the original game at the time of publication.

However there are still no details regarding the integration of the various PvP contents. Again the developers want to first watch the game and work accordingly on the PvP rewards. These were adapted over and over again in the course of WoW-Vanilla and the values ​​of the armor and weapons were changed. To prevent this from happening first the game and the players are to be probed.

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