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Best Equipment for Dark Knight and Dawn Warrior in MapleStory M

MapleStory M, an all-new mobile adventure based on the original side-scrolling MMORPG franchise, will be available on all iOS and Android devices in the App Store and Google Play as a free download later this year. We’ve seen Night Lords survive better in expeditions compared to Dark Knight, which is a shame really, considering the latter’s DPS isn’t high either. Dark Knight and Dawn Warrior are both the warrior classes of MapleStory M Explorer and Cygnus Knights. Even though Dark Knight used to be a tank in MapleSEA, it’s definitely not the same in this mobile version.

Other features that fans of the MapleStory series have come to expect will also be in play, including plenty of character customization, dungeons, pets and mounts. MapleStory M is offering mobile gamers 150 levels’ worth of content, including new classes and an automatic battle and quest function for those who maybe don’t have a lot of time on their hands.


Nexon America has confirmed an expanded MapleStory M Western release, bringing the Korean mobile adventure to more players around the globe outside of its previously soft-launched locations. Players who are ready to get started are invited to pre-register and will unlock an in-game gift box filled with goodies for doing so. MapleStory M is a unique title that takes numerous cues from the original MapleStory MMORPG, along with a variety of the same features such as rich cosmetic customization options, a variety of familiar locations, open-world live events, and a 10-player raid.

MapleStory M is not a mobile port of MapleStory, but it looks and plays a lot like it, except with far fewer classes and a much smaller game world. Should you cherished this short article as well as you want to obtain more information concerning MapleStory M Mesos kindly go to our internet site. MapleStory M launched in South Korea back in October, 2016. The game’s full english release is set to happen later this year. Expect a wipe after this round of beta testing. It was available in the U.S. briefly earlier this year as a part of a beta test but the full launch is set to happen later this year.

This helmet is only from the Hard Zakum, not the normal one. Nexon accidentally released Chaos Zakum the other day and the legendary Zakum helmet will be the best in slot in the future. You will need it for Mu Lung Dojo and high level mobs. While it’s not necessary for expeditions, it’s still my favorite choice of glove, especially if you can’t afford to have two different high rank gloves. As for cape, there are two popular choices. The Sirius Cape adds critical rate while the Bloody Cape adds evade. MapleStory M offers the same endless amount of customization, immersive storylines and epic boss raids that fans come to expect from the epic MapleStory franchise.

Players who are ready to get started are invited to pre-register and will unlock an in-game gift box filled with goodies for doing so. In MapleStory M, players will return to the Maple World with all the familiar characters and monsters. Maplers can play as five unique MapleStory Characters hunting for loot in Daily Dungeons, level up, discover new locations, and play with friends in epic boss battles.

You can also rank up a max level epic Noble Shoulder, but gold leaves are generally better spent on a weapon. This brief equipment guide is only for the evade build. If you wish to go for damage alone, try substituting the evade equipment for critical attack or critical rate items.

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