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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is adding a new playlist called Cabin Fever

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is adding a new playlist that is right in line with the quarantine-nature of much of the world right now. Just as Activision added hilarious playlist names over Valentine’s, such as “Ready to Mingle” and “Friends With Benefits,” a “Cabin Fever” moshpit playlist is being added to multiplayer as everyone is in need of something fresh.

The new “Cabin Fever” playlist is a mix of 6v6 small and medium-range maps, including Rust, Shipment, Shoot House, Hideout, and Hackney Yard. The playlist will rotate through a verity of different game modes including team deathmatch and other team-based high kill objective modes to keep the blood-rate flowing for multiplayer action in Modern Warfare.

The name “Cabin Fever” may not be as clever as “COD Players Only Want One Thing,” which was an April Fools playlist from earlier in the year, but it is still a sharp-witted jab by the developers at the current times.  The “Cabin Fever” playlist is something that many fans ask for, as close-range maps are usually fan-favorites among the COD player base. By the way, you can buy cheap Call of Duty Points from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “Z2U”.
Alongside the addition of Cranked, Infinity Ward implemented Cabin Fever 24/7, which is a playlist specifically tailored to close-quarters gameplay. The playlist features a variety of game modes but is played on the smallest maps in the game, including Shipment, Rust, Shoot House, Hackney Yard, and Hideout. These are the same maps from the playlist’s original introduction in late March.

As a result, Stir Crazy has been removed from the game alongside Realism in Ground War. Infinity Ward also removed Aniyah Palace from Ground War. Considering Infinity Ward moves playlists and maps in rotations, these features will likely be readded to the game at some point in the future.

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