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Diablo Immortal will not lose its single-player mode with an interesting storyline

Diablo Immortal was revealed to a sea of boos: The audience Blizzard had fostered over the decades felt betrayed by the notion that the slow-turning cogs of an Activision merger were finally transforming a company that cared about its community into one that simply cared for its bottom line.

What genre of video game does Diablo Immortal belong to?
Despite that platforms are new for the game, it has not ceased to be a favourite hack-and-slash action RPG, though now it will also have MMO elements and touchscreen controls. The game will not lose its single-player mode with an interesting storyline, however, the main emphasis will be on interaction with other players. The developers promised a lot of features like online multiplayer, four-player dungeons, guilds and worldwide community.

Characters: “Diablo Immortal”
The characters in the game “Diablo Immortal” are going to be all exciting and new. There are going to be six classes in the game. They are-Barbarian, Sorcerer, Priest, Hunter, Crusade powers, and Necromancer.
Barbarian: For many players, the likeliest first-class. Barbarians are likely to be a class focused on size. They will use powerful & harsh weapons.
Monk/Priest: Monks will concentrate on accuracy. In addition to it use lightning-fast attacks.
Wizard/Sorcerer: Wizards are all about sorcery, and they will have a wide range of magical powers.
Demon Hunter: Demon Hunter is another form that can take advantage of long-range attacks. It will use a crossbow.
Crusader: Crusaders dress in armor. They aim to take down any evil that may exist.
Necromancer: It is the final class for Diablo Immortal.

In terms of lore, Diablo Immortal takes place in the time between Diablo II and Diablo III’s story, a span of 20 years. There will also be “time-walking”, that allows players to experience other time periods in the Diablo lore, by visiting the library of Zoltun Kulle. It sounds like there will be plenty of important lore to glean for any serious Diablo historians — Deckard Cain will still be alive, after all.

For the rest of the world, though, free-to-play games are more universally accepted by gamers. Endless runners and Match 3 puzzle games top the charts in the West, but in China, India, and even Japan, it’s hypercompetitive games like Arena of Valor, PUBG Mobile, and puzzle/RPG hybrid Puzzle & Dragons that attract spending in excess of hundreds of millions of dollars a month.

Will Diablo Immortal be free to play?
It is not yet known for sure whether the game will be free-to-play or whether it will have another business model. But most likely the game will be F2P with in-game microtransactions. The developers promised that they would not introduce P2W elements into the game so as not to introduce imbalance into the game.

Blizzard Entertainment is also saying that it will have a robust single-player plot. But among that is aims for real MMORPG. This game will also be having -shared social spaces; four-player dungeons; guilds; and legendary loot.

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