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Farmville: Tropic Escape is more than just a farming simulation social network game

Zynga’s Farmville: Tropic Escape is more than just a farming simulation social network game. The game not only lets you build a farm, but also lets you expand your business by building an inn on a remote Pacific island. You will construct different types of workshops that will help you prepare sumptuous recipes for your guests, team up with various guides that will help you complete tasks and explore uncharted areas of the island, tame exotic animals for fish, meat, milk and eggs and play fun mini games.

While many crafting materials come from crops, trees and animals, others can be found at special landmarks around the island. Specifically, players can send Guide characters (which they unlock as they progress through the story) to landmarks for a chance to collect special materials. For instance, players can send Guides to the Coral Reef for a chance to collect crabs and seashells. Landmarks take time to explore, but users can speed up exploration timers using premium currency.

In terms of social features, players can buy items from other players, as well as sell their own items, in the game’s market. Users can also join Beach Clubs with other players. Once a player joins a Beach Club, they can buy items from the other members in the club, and they can also send other members free resort guests. If you are in lack of FarmVille Tropic Escape Items, visit our site, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

Trusty guides, such as Domingo, the island expert, and surfing and water sports pro, Chloe, help uncover island wonders like the coral reef, smugglers cave, and the mysterious shipwreck. The game has a modern-day look, with the “tropes of leaving city life behind and becoming a proprietor of a beachside inn,” Opas said.

For the first time, players can earn daily rewards and in-game advantages by completing mini games. They can earn coins, gems, and more to deck out their slice of paradise. In addition, players can enhance in-game connections with their friends by trading crafts to obtain advantages across the island. Friends can also create social Beach Clubs and live chat with each other in real-time.

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