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Forming system and friend system of Runescape

It takes original World Gielinor as the theme, the player can not only play an adventurer to complete the task in this world adventure, but also PK with other players or make transactions with other players. rs gold In the fighting, in addition to the main with the Melee and Ranged, there are also magic and prayer, as well as constitution.

Runescape players mainly rely melee, magic, ranged skill-based fighting series, the other for the secondary. In addition to the fighting, there are also other skills, mainly used to manufacture, processing objects in Runescape. For example smithing (mainly used to manufacture metal products), crafting (manufacturing clothes, things made of clay, jewelry, etc., in the paid version has more members about this stuff), mining (has a close relationship with smithing), cooking (used to make food, the higher the rating, the type of food that can be manufactured, the more style).

In Runescape, when the injuries are to use food to make up life points (lost when fighting strength) of (life points to the constitution grades and equipment plus added). Fishing is a major source of food, since the fish should be cooked before they can eat, so there is a close relationship with cooking.

Logging and fire are more complementary skills. In paying members version logging is more important because there are many special trees, which is useless in the free membership. Dungeoneering is equivalent to a copy, you can kill the boss after kill some monsters, find some keys and unlock some puzzles.

The skills of paying members: Agility can help the player pass through some of the original place that cannot pass before. The herblore (manufactured syrup) is creating some temporary medicine to enhance the player’s combat effectiveness. And there also farming that related to herblore, so that players can grow and harvest their own vegetables, herbs and so on. Fletching is a manufacturing technology.

Although in the free version, game player can also use bows, but in paying members version, bows and arrows have more styles. There are summoning to summon monsters in another world, each with its own special skills. Slayer is used to kill some special wild strange, so as to get valuable items or props. With construction, players can build their own homes, but this skill is considered the most expensive skill in the game.

Hunter, as the name suggests, is used to capture the monster, and some use Summoning Skills to become their own pet, and some will give you props, etc.. The last one is thieving. In addition to steal things, but also can be used to remove the trap and open some of the locked door.

As the friend system, maybe it’s not the same as everyone’s friends. rs 07 gold When you enter, you can be randomly assigned to a server and that is more conducive to your game speed. Maybe you are in Canada today, tomorrow is in England. But whether you from which server login, you can add friends on any server players on its 171 servers.

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