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Here are some tips for users who want to start playing Toram Online

Anyone who’s played mobile MMORPG’s in the last 5 years definitely knows Asobimo Inc., makers of some of the most beloved MMO’s in the mobile scene. Many people knew about Avabel Online, even if it has mostly fallen from grace in recent years.

In this game, you will be given a mission to eradicate all existing monsters and defeat the bosses in each round. Not only that, players are also given the freedom to compose their own stories and what the game characters have to do.

Here are some tips for users who want to start playing Toram Online.

Get into the game every day
Upon entering the game for five days in a row, the player receives prizes that can help the game progress, such as potions or equipment. Often, while an in-game event is taking place, additional prizes are awarded to users. Try to enter the game every day, even if you don’t want to play, just to get the rewards.

Choosing the starting weapon
Even before the combat tutorial at the beginning of the game, you must choose a starting weapon. Remember that it is possible to change it regardless of the weapon you choose.

Sword and Knuckle are easy-to-use weapons, simple to use and have no special mechanics. Bow and Katana are medium-level weapons, as it is necessary to observe the distance in relation to the enemy. Staff is a difficult weapon, as it can have the attack stopped if the user is hit.

Chat with NPCs
In addition to contributing to the progress of the main story, the NPCs (non-playable characters) in Toram Online can also give missions to players. Make sure to talk to all the characters in the cities, and always check to see if new missions are available.

Assemble a group
Setting up a group (party) with other players is always a good solution to defeat a stronger monster. You can invite other friends or even hire a mercenary using the in-game currency to help you in battles. In addition, the player himself can register as a mercenary.

Distributing your points
When you level up, your character gains points to be distributed in attributes. It is important to place points on the attributes your weapon uses, as there is no class system in Toram Online. In addition, if you made a mistake when investing the points, you can press the button with blue arrows and redistribute them again.

Overall, the games story presentation and plot isn’t top notch even for mobile standards, but it does a good job in doing what it needs to do to sell the story. And it’s still better then Aurcus, which had a mosly forgettable story, and Avabel, which didn’t have a story at all, so that deserves kudos.

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