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It has been revealed from an official story that transgender is a character in world of Warcraft

It has also been officially confirmed that the Chromie in World of Warcraft is transgender, GameSpot reported. The bronze dragon, which is also popular in the gnome form, got its own story in a soon-to-be-published book, the author of which referred to the gender identity of the character, which was then confirmed by Blizzard.

First appearing in-game in 2004, Chromie is a time-travelling bronze dragon who chooses the form of a female gnome during her Visage Day ceremony to interact with mortals in the game. As a bronze dragon, her name is Chronormu, which is considered a male name as it uses the “ormu” suffix, whereas female bronze dragon names usually end with an “ormi” suffix. A regular fixture in the game, Chromie appears throughout WoW’s numerous expansions providing quests for players and is also a playable character in Blizzard’s now abandoned MOBA, Heroes of The Storm.

A short story focusing on Chromie’s origins appears prominently in the collection of various tales from all of WoW lore, which some fans have received ahead of the book’s official release date of May 25. The storyteller begins by referring to Chromie as he / she, but once Chromie undergoes a right of way known as the Face Ceremony, the character is known as her / her in both her gnome and dragon form.

Suffice to say, Danuser’s new Chromie story and Twitter comment make it implicit that the bronze dragon is trans. It ends a frustrating lack of clarity regarding Chromie’s character that Blizzard has left knowingly confusing for a very long time.

While Chromie being out is a welcome revelation to fans of the bronze dragon, there are still some negative emotions associated with the entire situation. It’s not just that it took over a decade to acknowledge Chromie being trans, but also the fact that Blizzard isn’t fully capturing the trans experience in its representation.

While the World of Warcraft community has speculated heavily in the past on Chromie’s gender identity, this was never confirmed by Blizzard until now, which must come as a welcome revelation as fans can finally put their theories and confusion to rest. Although it has taken Blizzard almost 17 years to confirm that Chromie is indeed transgender, her story is another welcomed step towards more diversity and LGBTQ+ representation in video games.

WoW players are currently on standby, as Shadowlands players are still waiting for the expansion’s first major content patch, Chains of Domination, while WoW Classic players prepare to traverse the Dark Portal with the The Burning Crusade Classic arrives on June 1.

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