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Legendary Creature Attack Methods and Play Guide in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

The female task of Artemis in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey requires players to hunt eight legendary creatures. Because each legendary creature has its own characteristics. Artemis is the goddess of hunting in Greek mythology, the sister of the sun god Apollo. The mission was obtained from a woman in front of the Temple of the Hunting Goddess.


The way the wild boar attacks is:

1. Straight line collision, strong lethality.
2. After the wild boar is close, if you are not in front of it, it will try to swing your head and press it to you.
3. When the wild boar HP is reduced by about 25%, four small wild boars will be called to attack you in total, and will be called three times in total.

It is recommended that the battle site be pulled close to the wild boar cave. If it is on the edge, it may cause the character to leave the battle area because of the collision or dodge action of the wild boar. The wild boar quickly returns blood. After the war, we tried to keep the circle around, so that the wild boar could not collide in a straight line, and waited for it to launch an attack from the side back. When the wild boar calls for 4 small wild boars to come out, the pigs will be cleared first, and then continue to play the big ones. Combat injury is inevitable, blood return skills must be brought, the operation of good blood can reach the injured blood.

The elk’s attack method is:

1. Straight line collision, the lethality is not weak, but it is not as fast and powerful as wild boar.
2. The elk has a large angle, the attack range can cover the 90 degree area in front, and the left and right rotors can cover the 180 degree area. The ability to attack and defend near is strong.
3. If you are knocked down, the elk can use the big horn to mount you on the ground and can’t move, but it will not be damaged during the period of being framed.

It is recommended that the battle site be pulled close to the central swamp area, and there is no other place where the small elk can interfere. Should you loved this informative article and you would want to receive details relating to AC Odyssey Helix Credits assure visit the web page. Avoid accidentally leaving the battle area during the process, and the opponent may be attacked. The elk’s offensive and defensive ability is not weak. It is very difficult to hit the side of the circle. It will only continue to damage the blood.

The attack method is recommended to use a sword like the medieval swordsman. When the elk attack, it will retreat backwards. After the attack, the space will be put up a few knives and slowly consume the other party’s blood. After fighting for a while, the elk may have an attack error, the corner is stuck on the ground, and there is a similar stiff movement. The head is low and the motion is low, and you can take the opportunity to launch a storm. When the bull collides in a straight line, it can be dodged to the left or right, or dodge backwards, but if it is evaded, it may flash once or it will be attacked.

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