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Microsoft has announced “Your Phone” for Windows 10 now supports RCS messaging

When Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 phones make their way to stores early next month, they’ll be able to relay RCS messages to Windows 10 PCs. It’s all thanks to Microsoft’s Your Phone app, which the company is updating to enable it to send and receive RCS texts when paired with Samsung’s Messages app. That means you’ll be able to enjoy the protocol’s tentpole features, such as typing indicators and read receipts, from your computer — provided the person you’re texting also has an RCS-capable device.

According to Microsoft’s Roberto Bojorquez, the new RCS functionality is available “starting with” the Galaxy S20, suggesting the feature will work with other Samsung devices (and perhaps other Android phones) in the future. The integration comes as part of Samsung and Microsoft’s ongoing partnership, which has in the past seen the South Korean company integrate apps like OneDrive into its devices.

However, Microsoft is laying the foundation for RCS support in its Your Phone app on Windows 10 along with the launch of the Galaxy S20. Microsoft’s Roberto Bojorquez confirmed on Twitter that a special deal with Samsung has enabled the Your Phone app to relay RCS messages from Samsung Messages to your PC. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe Windows 10 Home CD Key For Sale.

For now, this seems like it’s only going to work on the Galaxy S20, but it’s a good start to making this functionality more universal while carriers are finally getting their act together on RCS. Presumably, this will extend to devices such as the Galaxy Z Flip, Note 10, S10, and others over time, and eventually other Android devices as we’ve seen with other features in “Your Phone.”

If you don’t plan to buy the S20, you can still send RCS messages on your computer by using the Google Messages web client. But as with everything RCS-related, there are a lot of requirements both you and the person you’re texting have to meet before you can see the protocol at work. While it’s a small step, efforts like the one Microsoft is making here help make the platform more useful.

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