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NBA 2K17 also has a layup shot the bar

2K17 also has a layup shot the bar. So tough layup and body collision 2 + 1, you will find their technology is good only created a score, rather than pray or not to enter into this ball. High-capacity players naturally layup shot strip easier to control, but when you unguarded layup, even if you completely ignore Article shooting, he would not have missed. nba 2k17 mt

Right rocker down vertical shooting is normal, vertical up the bank shot. But if you push the joystick when not vertical, there will be left or right side. Joystick shooting players will initially be more difficult, but if you master a good target, the hit rate will be higher than the shooting of some key players.

Shooting of the change is to go directly in the end, and with the aim of shooting rocker players can see their aim in the direction of the shot bar. If the direction and timing are green, then you can hit the ball 100% means that if you use the right stick to shoot, no matter how many people in front of you, whether you lose balance or something. . As long as the direction and timing are green, the ball will enter. It is to let you look more cool.

Previous 2K16 players dribble, just hold to accelerate, pushing the right stick in one direction immediately release, he will own a series of dribbling. 2K17 not, sign dribble split into several inputs.

Curry’s signature cross dribble then suddenly step back, you need to step back in. He will not do it automatically. All players dribble signs can rub themselves even strokes. And so as not only one of the fixed routine. You can own series. These signs of movement in each part can be connected in series. So in MC mode, players can also be your self your own matching dribble moves, such as Curry crossovers + Crawford behind the dribble. So when the defense is completely steals with the right stick, a large technology component of the steals. Basically joystick up and down is controlled steals shot down or to pick (the opponent ball with both hands when the time), when the dribble around the joystick can control the left hand or right hand broken off.

In short press is no longer a key steal and pray, and you can fully control. Both directions and actual mastery of words, a sense of accomplishment is enough.

2K17 players in blocked shots with low capacity is no longer just to be able to dunk, James fan down. And if you are a defender you want to cause a certain barrier on the other side, but do not want to rush to fully cover foul, 2K17 adds a “I just like to be a” cap option. The accelerator keys (R2 RT) by half, and then jump up to reach that cap, but do not stop trying to fan people. If you press the accelerator key is in the end up severely.

Then say how a bunch more beautiful picturesque movement, and increased XXX kinds of action, as well as an engineer wrote a body collision system, in the face of the air defense is no longer a layup when several unrelated animation in the sense that each player, the body will have physical contact with the reaction.

Although in reality dead inside, but 2k17 inside or redone. More action, more fluid playing back, turn around, hook, Dream Olajuwon’s Dream footsteps. Come on playing like attack inside.

2K17 has changed physically. Now there is a short-term and a long-term physical strength. When you do some great special intensity exercises, such as running at full speed, dunk, physical collision, buckle short-term strength, short-term physical buckle end, then, the long-term strength will fall faster. And if the players on the field stood, running a small walk, or free throws when the short-term strength can be restored. If the long-term strength out too low, will reduce the various values, there can not sprint.

Now you dunk, layup, shot in the process, you can change your mind, the ball came up empty. This air mass to empty the feature in the park online time to shine.

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