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NBA 2K18 Black Friday 2017 Deals

Black Friday 2017 is right around the corner, and that means tons of sale prices to be had on video game consoles, accessories, and software. Even very recent releases that just came out–things like Need for Speed Payback, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and Call of Duty: WWII–will be on sale. Another one of fall’s biggest games, NBA 2K18, will also enjoy some steep discounts at a number of retailers.

Based on the ads that have been released so far, Mmocs will offer the best price for Xbox One and PS4: It’ll be $27 there. If you’re planning on shopping elsewhere, you’ll still potentially get it for a price in that neighborhood; Walmart will sell it for $29, while it’ll go for $30 at Target and Best Buy. Toys R Us will offer it for $35. If you’re interested in Virtual Currency, the microtransaction currency used in the game, Best Buy will sell 200,000 VC ($50’s worth) for $40.


On the digital side, the Xbox Store’s Black Friday sale has begun, but only for Xbox Live Gold members. It can be purchased from there for $42; non-Gold members will gain access to the sale on November 21. Similarly, a PlayStation Store Black Friday sale has started for PS Plus members that will go live for non-members on November 21. NBA 2K18 is on sale for $42 on PSN for Plus subscribers. The PC version is also available for that price on Steam.

If you’re wondering whether this year’s basketball sim is worth picking up, you can read our full NBA 2K18 review. Seth Macy awarded it an 8/10 and said, “This year’s entry is incredible in so many ways, from graphics, to soundtrack, to the different modes and ways to play hoops. It becomes clear early on that the fastest and easiest way to progress is by spending real money, slightly marring an otherwise tremendous experience.”

You can check out a complete list of NBA 2K18 deals for PS4 and Xbox One at our site. We’ll continue to update this as more Black Friday ads are revealed. Amazon, for instance, has still yet to announce anything, so there’s plenty more to come.

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