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NBA 2K20 Could Take a Bite out of The Outer Worlds

The tease comes from two-time WNBA champion, Renee Montgomery, who posted a photo showing herself being scanned for possible in-game inclusion (above). Montgomery also posted a photo with an Xbox One X NBA 2K19 bundle, which leads some to believe the WNBA might be added as post-launch content. While we think that’s unlikely, its quite possible the scanning is happening in anticipation of NBA 2K20. When you loved this post and you wish to receive more details with regards to Cheap NBA 2K20 MT Points I implore you to visit the web-site. A bit ago The Outer World’s Steam page was updated with an August 9, 2019 release date, which is a bit too specific to be a fake. The accident was quickly remedied and scrubbed, replaced with the nebulous 2019 launch date, but not before SteamDB caught the change. The shooter, which is set in a new IP that inside sources told us in 2017 would be Obsidian’s own answer to Fallout, incorporates many old-school Fallout-esque elements including traits, a quirky style and humorous bent, deeper RPG mechanics, and even a time-dilation mechanic similar to VATS.

The newest version of the most popular basketball series on the video game market will be released on store shelves on September 11. However, the 20th Anniversary Edition featuring LeBron James on the cover will be released four days earlier on September 7. The highly-acclaimed 2K series will receive a number of improvements for the 2K19 version. Among the new features in the 2K19 game include returning skills to “one-on-one encounters” as Matt Bertz of Game Informer explains.

NBA 2K19 fans may finally have something to cheer about, with the game developers set to begin work on a new patch in an attempt to fix numerous gameplay issues that have plagued the franchise. While an exact release date for the patch has not yet been revealed, it has been confirmed that a request has been submitted, with approval likely to be garnered in the next few days. It is believed that the patch is being designed mainly to fix the pushing exploit which has caused quite a bit of controversy in the game.

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MyTeam is also back, allowing you to play the card collecting game if that’s your thing. There’s more here than ever before, along with building aspects that really get you more into the mode. Its not really my thing, but there is some charm into building a dream deck of players and seeing what they can do for you. That brings us to the presentation, which, fortunately, doesn’t really have any real blemishes to speak of. First off, the customization system has been vastly improved, as players look way more lifelike and not like, well, a weirded-out zombie-resembling freak that you’d have a hard time taking on tour. I’m sure even more improvements will be made over time, but as it stands, Visual Concepts did splendid work here.

Once you hit thresholds such as 100,000 and 250,000, a new endorsement deal opportunity crops up. Endorsement deals typically give you appearance fees for events and rewards for good play on the court. These incentive-based offers often include bonuses for filling the box score with say, 15 points and 12 assists in one game. You get to pick the incentive(s) with each endorsement deal, so make sure to choose a qualifier that makes sense for your style of play.

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