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Omega Legends will soon arrive in Spain and Mexico

For some time we have been talking about Omega Legends, a fun Battle Royale with heroes, powers and lots of action that will soon arrive in Spain and Mexico after becoming a success in several regions of the world, including LATAM.

As usual in games of this style, players will launch from a kind of plane towards the battlefield with the help of a parachute, landing on the chosen part of the map and, from there, they will have to equip themselves with weapons, objects healing, defenses … to be able to face other players while they run towards a safe zone avoiding also different areas on which projectiles fall to avoid the dreaded “camperos”.

For those who have played games like Fortnite, NetEase games like Cyber ​​Hunter, this new game will feel very familiar. The gameplay is basically warriors roleplaying and fighting in a large map. You can play Solo, DUO or Squad mode similar to other battle royale mobile games.

Even though it is similar to the Battle Royale game in general, Omega Legends has its own uniqueness. Well, this time there are some tips to play in order to achieve victory:

Know the weapons
Each one is different and has its own characteristics. Control the recoil of each one when you shoot the enemies, hitting the largest number of bullets is essential to win the confrontations. Aiming for the head and moving the character back so that the bullets don’t go up past the head is vital to hitting the target. In addition, to move around the map you have to know what weapon to carry. If we are on the move, a sniper will not do us much good, and in short distances the most logical thing to do is to use a submachine gun.

Choose the Right Looting Place
Just like in other Battle Royale games, in this game there are several cities that can be used as looting places. Try to choose a High Loot place because there are good items.

Even though it has the best items, this location will certainly be vulnerable to other players targeting that location as well.

Meet the characters
Each character has its own characteristics when it comes to moving and activating abilities. For example, Captain Jericho has a very weak point when he activates his protection shield. If we are standing, our head will not be covered by the shield, so it is better to duck and activate the shield before facing an enemy.

Always Pay Attention to the Safe Zone
Just like other Battle Royale games, of course in the Omega Legends game there is a safe zone that will get smaller. So you always have to be in the Safe Zone in order to survive.

Pay attention to the position of the Safe Zone, because every few minutes the Zone will get smaller. Also watch out for the Red Zone which can kill you with its bombs.

Out cheats
One of the most important points of this game is that IGG is fighting with a team of engineers and technical support to eliminate all those accounts that use third-party software. The server has a “backoffice” that records which accounts are using other third-party systems and prevents them from entering. The server keeps a record of those people who have used it with all their data to prevent them from ever entering again, even with other phones, emails or accounts. It is important to eliminate those who try to break the game by creating a negative experience for other players.

IGG is very aware of the importance of being able to reach a wide range of Android mobile phones and is committed to offering us graphics that even the most humble phones can move with solvency, but if we have an advanced device we can always improve its appearance as it offers us Several options in this sense, with an image quality that can rival and even surpass other mobile battle royales, for example the modeling of the characters is better than that of Free Fire.

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