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OTW Dynamic Black Card in FIFA 19 Introduction and What are the Features of the Card

EA officially announced FIFA 19 OTW dynamic black card summer version, Cristiano Ronaldo led the title. New players in FIFA 19 may ask: What exactly is an OTW dynamic black card? What are the characteristics? How does the number increase and how to get it?

What is FIFA 19 OTW Dynamic Black Card

The OTW Dynamic Black Card refers to the card that EA has made for the outstanding players joining the new team in the new season transfer window. The initial value of this player card is based on the player’s Pujin card, but the value will dynamically increase based on the player’s excellent performance throughout the season. Divided into summer and winter editions.


When will the OTW dynamic black card value increase?

When the player is selected for the week, that is, the FIFA 19 Weekly Best Team (TOTW), the best player card MOTM, the hero card Hero, the record card, the national team game card TOTT, the player’s OTW dynamic black card will increase in value. , and the same value as these new special cards. Note that the following conditions will not increase the value of OTW Dynamic Black: Players are selected for the Premier League’s best POTM each month, players are awarded such as the Puskas Award, the player’s SBC card, the annual card TOTY, and the season card TOTS.

If the player selected for OTW moves or rents to another club, does the value rise? If the club is still in the FIFA 19 UT, the value will go up. If the club is not in the FIFA 19 UT, then the value will remain at the last rising value and will not rise again in the future. If the player’s weekly black card position changes, will the position of the OTW card change? The position of the OTW Dynamic Black Card will remain the same and the value will increase.

FIFA 19 OTW Defender

RB: ime Vrsaljko 81 (Inter)
RB: Jo?o Cancelo 84 (Juventus)
CB: Sokratis Papastathopoulos 84 (Arsenal)
CB: Salif Sané 81 (FC Schalke 04)

We are looking at all the best FIFA 19 hidden demons in the professional mode. If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to use FIFA 19 Coins, you can get hold of us at our own web-page. These players score less than 65 in the game but can reach a potential of at least 82. Dortmund and England’s U17 World Cup champion Jadon Sancho now OVR 72 entered the top ten last year, so who is watching the next few seasons.

The 17-year-old Abdoulaye Dabo has just started his professional football career and has played for Nantes twice so far this season. He made great progress for the French youth team, scored 13 goals for the U16 team, then played 10 times for the U17 team, and now cooperates with the U18 team. Dabo’s 63 overall can grow by 24 points, an impressive 87, so soon his 69-ball, 69 short pass and 69 accelerated. You only need £2 million to sign him, but you will have to wait until January to sign a rookie for £2,000 a week.

The French U18 International Geubbels costs only £2 million and pays £6,000 a week on FIFA 19, but you will have to wait until January to get his 64 and 86 potential. The 85 acceleration, 84 sprint and 76 ability statistics mean that he will become another Monaco speed in the near future.

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