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Rise of Civilizations follows the mechanics typical of Civilization and other similar titles

We have seen extensively how the Civilization-style management strategy is one of the genres that has taken root more on mobile platforms, for a series of reasons ranging from the structure to the interface that characterizes them. In general, these are small reductions that tend to greatly simplify the complex layered mechanics of this kind of games, but sometimes there are exceptions in products that manage to reproduce the depth and the typical facet of these titles on PC while remaining deeply linked to the mobile environment, in terms of game pace and control system.

Rise of Civilizations, beyond the title that makes a lot of invasive advertising banner play, fortunately falls in these cases, presenting itself as an excellent exponent of the Meierian derivation strategic reduced in small. It is about choosing one of the eight civilizations present (including Rome, Japan, Germany, France, China and others) and bringing it to glory within an online and persistent shared map.
The basic mechanics foresees the usual mixture of elements in city builder style, managerial and strategic with the need to build, expand and strengthen one’s fortified city but with intense activity even outside the walls. The map around the capital is enormous, with a really impressive scale and determines a series of constant interactions with the outside world, populated among other things by other online players. It is difficult to carry out a totally solitary gaming experience because the relationships with the other fortified cities soon become an important part of the occupations to be followed within the various management mechanics: remaining only to actions outside the walls it is possible to send explorers , gather resources, fight against barbarians and other potential invaders living in outdoor spaces and get in touch with other cities and other players, taking part in skirmishes or forming alliances of various sizes that can lead to significant advantages and commitments, in an intense activity diplomatic.

Inside the walls, Rise of Civilizations takes place in a more traditional way: there is the need to build the various structures that allow the production and processing of resources, in addition to the inevitable barracks for the formation of the army, which is always a fundamental tool for affirmation in the world, with all due respect to potential diplomatic intentions. From this point of view the game follows the mechanics typical of Civilization and other similar titles, with a constant progression in the complexity of the city-state in terms of both the amount of buildings that can be built inside it, with the advancing resources and of wealth, both as regards the complexity and effectiveness of these, with the possibility of increasing their level to increase their income.

Being a free-to-play game, it is especially in the construction and upgrade of buildings that the classic mechanics of this form of business emerge: each action requires a certain waiting time that can be compressed using special tickets, which they can be won by playing but they can especially be purchased by spending the in-game currency represented by the gems, which can obviously also be purchased for real money. If you want to Buy ROK RSS safe, you can come to for help. is the best online store that has about 10 years of selling game currencies experience.

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