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RuneScape has been totally rebuilt for a new engine

RuneScape has been totally rebuilt for a new engine. While the Java client will still be supported,  cheap rs 07 gold the developers have spent the last year working on a new version of the game powered by HTML5. This means no Java updates to install and consistent performance across devices – including tablets. The game will no longer be as CPU-intensive as it once was, with rendering now liable to be handed off to graphics hardware: a change that pays dividends for the game’s visuals across the board. Dynamic lighting, shadows, normal maps and reflective water are all supported, and the game’s customary ‘wall of mist’ effect caused by a low draw distance can effectively be pushed back to the horizon.

Is the story a riveting adventure exploring the boundaries of morality and what it means to be human? No. It’s RuneScape. It isn’t an enthralling adventure but it is suitable. It hits all the right tropes so you don’t have to read any of the text and you’ll know exactly what’s going on. A quest marker guides you to exactly where your polygon body needs to be. NPC voice acting is particular well-done. While not ubiquitous, when employed it adds a layer of depth seldom seem in browser-based MMORPG’s. And it sounds like the actors cared. Considering RuneScape’s profits over the years I’m sure they were paid handsomely.

Personally, I hate quests. I just don’t like doing them. However, if you do like quests then Runescape could be the game for you. All of the quests are well-written and have an actual story that isn’t “kill ten rats” or “bring me ten rat tails.” There’s also tons of quests (201) so if you like that sort of thing then RS can keep you busy.

Currently we’re under extreme load from our Content servers which the Client uses to connect to download the data which gives you an optimal game experience.

If you’re not successfully reaching the login screen on the NXT Client we suggest restarting the Client as it should only take a few minutes to get that far.

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