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The Defence Classes and Armour Classes of RuneScape

Defense is one of the most important combat skills in RuneScape. rs gold Contrary to popular perception, the defense does not reduce the amount of damage you caused. Instead, it determines how often the enemy hit you, it allows you to wear better armor types.

To view your defense classes, first click on the device icon in Control Panel wear on the toolbar. This icon looks like a helmet, which is located on the right stock icons. Once selected, you’ll see that you’re wearing the current equipment. Different types of stab, slash, crush, magic and remote. The more you type in the defense, the better for this type of attack defense Yes. The better the armor, the more defense you will have. Different armor give different bonuses.

Stab – this can protect you stab attacks, such as daggers and spears.
Slash – this can protect you from cuts attacks such as claws and swords.
Crush – This protects you attack attack, such as a hammer and punches.
Magic – Magic attacks and magic from the Dragon’s Breath and lose your chance to increase your protection.
Range – from remote attacks, such as arrows and darts protection.
Absorb Melee – which is a percentage of the damage caused by the melee of players less equipment.
Absorb Magic – This is the percentage of magic damage caused by the player’s equipment is reduced.
Absorb Ranged – This is the percentage of the player’s equipment decrease curse remote injury.
Prayer – which determines how slow your prayer drains.

With regard to the armor class.There are a variety of armor for each hit, including melee, ranged and magic. Ranger armor is generally lightweight for maximum mobility ranged attack. It has a strong anti-magic defense. This is a good all-around armor. Runs, the armor drains low stamina. Most of the time, the weight of this armor is quite a lot, so it usually excrete large amounts of energy running. It is used for close combat, close combat in general, it is weak against magic. This is the most common type.

In most cases, magic armor is the lightest armor, and allows magical magician to cast spells more efficiently. The most remote and melee attack defense is weak, but some type provides additional protection. Runs, the armor drains low or medium strength. More statistics on magic armor bonus magic guide can be found.

Killer equipment. Not really used to deal with other types of monsters,  these protect you if you are not properly equipped fighting a certain monster killer, you can take massive damage. Killer Slayer gear can be found in the guide. Pruning armor. Some people might think, trimmed armor to provide extra defense money, but they do not have any differences in any way in matters of defense data. This includes the armor of God.
Black equivalent: Black (T) and (G)
Gold equivalent: gold (T) and (G)
Rune equivalent armor of God, Rune (T) and (G), gold-plated armor

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