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The highly anticipated Empyrean update for Warframe is now live on PC

The highly anticipated Empyrean update for Warframe is now live on PC. The long-awaited update follows on the heels of the Rising Tides update, which set the stage for the new four-player space combat int he Railjack Battleship.

The highlight of the update is the Sigma Series Railjack battleship, the centerpiece for all future Empyrean space missions, battles and Cinematic Quests. Once built, players are able to upgrade and customize this powerful ship, taking it into space with all-new powers and skills. Additionally, new Warframe powers will also become available during space combat, like Archwing cannons or the ability to infiltrate enemy ships. With our best and cheapest Warframe Platinum, get yourself with powerful items, pets and equipment, become the key player in each mission.

While Empyrean is playable solo, it’s meant to be experienced with a team of players, optimized and designed as a cooperative experience. However, Digital Extremes says they’ll be adding more “solo capabilities” next year. For those who want to learn the basics of the Railjack, there is a Free Flight Mode you can try out first.

Empyrean also adds a new progression system called Intrinsics – a set of player-level skills that determine your abilities in various roles on the Railjack. The vessel itself can be upgraded with new powers and components, and yes, your Railjack is also open to the customisation you’ve come to associate with Fashionframe.

Rising Tide is essentially a warmup for Empyrean. A very necessary one. Once armed with a customized Railjack battleship, the Sigma Series Railjack, Tenno will be ready for the all new battleship gameplay of Empyrean, and coming soon to Xbox One.

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