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There are many other fun features of Runescape

RuneScape is more than 12 years old. It’s one of the world’s longest-running and enduringly popular MMOs, and yet it’s not a game that gets talked about very much. There are reasons for that: a long silence on the part of its developers, Jagex, one of the largest independent studios in Britain – they’ve traditionally preferred to work with their community directly. Then there’s the prevalent feeling that browser games are less legitimate than a program you need to install, a notion that the last decade in games has shown to be totally outdated.

Finally there’s the relatively insular and self-sustaining nature of the game’s community runescape gold: a central core of passionate people for whom RuneScape is their game, to the exclusion of other MMOs. There are many other fun features of Runescape that I have not talked about yet such as the events, tasks, minigames, and so forth but this review should have given you a good idea of what the game is like. The only thing left to mention is that the map of Runescape is divided into two parts – the free to play map and the members map. Skills are also divided into free to play skills and members skills.

RuneScape has come a long way since it first saw the light of day in 2001, having seen hundreds of content updates and several major engine overhauls. Regular content updates have introduced nearly 200 quests, clan guild halls, player-designed battlegrounds, an endless dungeon system, open PvP areas, and dozens of new zones and minigames. The latest major updates have added a skill hotbar and customisable user interfaces to that list, in addition to kicking off a new round of quests with the Sixth Age storyline.

My equipment also pales in comparison to the full rune-clad two-handed-sword-wielding badass beside me. His name is Dangerpig ‘the Brave’ and his skill level is 904. I suppose that’s impressive. I was close to level 60 when I quit, but I don’t know what that is in skill levels. I fumble around until I find my skills page – less intuitive, more submenus. I’m skill level 616 apparently, so I feel accomplished. Not such a noob after all.

Before the EoC update, characters simply auto attacked 99% of the time and use one special skill based on the weapon they had equipped. These days, people can still choose to auto-attack or they can actively use skills. I believe most people use the auto attack style for routine combat tasks and actively use skills for bosses or more difficult mobs.

The max skill level for these skills is 99 with players receiving a cape of accomplishment when they achieve the max level, which makes this a common goal for most players. Because players can choose which skills to focus on you have plenty of depth that ensures you and your friend can have completely different skills leveled up and thus approach to gameplay.

Overall For the first month or so of gameplay with the new audio (August 2013), some complaints arose, with users pointing out bugs in the sound engine; however, after these issues were repaired, the changes received only praise, the new music especially. With the shift to Runescape 3, the story and technical departments united to bring about the game’s sixth age (Runescape’s story moves forward in periods called ‘ages’). Jagex has set framework to facilitate consistent and ongoing updates to both the total game story and to gameplay.

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