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We will explain in full about Toram Online tips and tricks for newbies or beginners

Toram Online is a game that is very complex and the most complete of all other MMORGs, therefore many of the newbies or new Toram Online players find it difficult to fully understand all aspects of the game. In addition, many of the new players are still confused and don’t know what to do when they first try to play, So We will explain in full about Toram Online tips and tricks for newbies or beginners.

I’m not a veteran at playing Toram Online but now that I fudged up my first character in my first attempt, I really wanted to share what I learnt from my failures so that newcomers don’t fall into the same obvious pits I did.


  1. Start the game with a tank. Why? Well it’s not that you have to, but, like i said current Toram Meta.
  2. How do I build my character? Well don’t worry about this much, there are plenty of builds to reference, just look them up and don’t think you have to follow those to a T. Change it up, add your own uniqueness to a build or just reference them for ideas on what to do with yours. There’s plenty of material on the forum and even youtube to cross reference.
  3. Do i need xtals/crystas, which ones and how to get them? No. Don’t worry about this until you have a well rounded lvl cap character that can party up for these or have farmed so much you’re sick but rich.
  4. This game is impossible without help! I agree :3 It’s do-able but really really hard. Know your in game language: LFG=looking for guild, LFP=looking for party, LFM=looking for member. You get the gist of that if you didn’t already. You see things in chat like finale or storm or full(insert whatever) don’t worry about those. That’s experienced DPS spammers and lucky glass fairies(you’ll understand that at some point). What you do need to focus on is if you’re having trouble with your MQ, watch out for LFP MQ in chat.
  5. How do i get better gear without being rich? My advise, you don’t need it for at least mq if you followed my tips about the merc or guild or party help. So wait til after when you’re ready to grind.
  6. How can i make a decent amount of spina? I’m not gonna go too in depth on this as there are plenty of guides on this to be found. One tip i will tell you is save your late game boss drops and check the cb if it’s worth anything.
  7. Z2U.COM~ This is your best friend for Toram. Use it, abuse it(gently) and study it to your hearts content.

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