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What are the Rewards for the Eye of the Rubik’s Cube in MapleStory 2

As with any highly anticipated beta launch there were some launch issues, but they got resolved pretty quickly. While there will be a wipe after closed beta testing, this is the first time players can try the official English version of the game. Each closed beta comes with different objectives. With the first closed beta, we worked with the development studio to collect all the necessary data to review how players for the global service are enjoying the game.

The three front-end copies respectively correspond to different cubes and pets, and the weapons and equipment fragment boxes that produce 60-level chaotic output greatly speed up the player’s equipment accumulation speed.

The three Rubik’s Cube crystals are the products of the current version. The function is naturally very practical. Each Rubik’s cube crystal is accompanied by a special effect, which can be applied to the protective cover stage of the front-end and the new 10-person BOSS. Should you loved this informative article and you would want to receive details relating to Maplestory 2 Trading assure visit the web page. And the blue cube crystal will have a role in the two-turn and two-series skills, which is quite helpful for players with different selections.


Combat pets:

Philip – When the main human strength drops to 30%, it recovers 200 life per second in 5 seconds, and has 1 minute cooldown after launch to help the player’s survivability.

Ranbis – When a pet attack hits, there is a certain probability of causing a bleeding effect in the target within 6 seconds the small partner who pursues additional injuries hurry to the liver.

Ishuro – When a pet launches an attack, there is a certain probability that the attack speed of the master increases by 4% within 5 seconds. Compared with the old version of the pet, the new combat pet has a uniform skill in addition to 4 abilities and pet skills. The player’s combat power is increased by 150 points.

Weaponry Sebris Box:

Each of the three pre-sales must produce Behemoth (Jade Cage), Dark Pioneer (Death Dark Blue), Alien (End Point) Weapon Box Fragment 5, Armor Box Fragment 0; Speed up the player’s accumulation of 60-level legendary equipment. The new 10 people mainly focus on the production equipment, the new epic equipment has a strong help for the new copy. The panel defense attribute has been improved, which is the graduation equipment of this version.

To the Dark Cube equipment: The new epic weapon in the panel is over the 60th-level legendary weapon, and has a huge increase, and this new epic weapon has 3 different special effects and both are team-type gains; the armor also has a good effect and can Stack weapon effects up to 3 levels.

To the Dark Rubik’s Jewelry Box Fragment: The latest strongest jewelry set is also produced in the new 10-person copy. The jewelry produced this time is epic quality, 3 sets of jewelry has double resistance increased by 75, BOSS injury 4%, 2 The set of jewellery adds 50 physics magic attack power to the equipment effects, and the improvement is also considerable. The most important thing is that the new red jewellery brings a lot of blood and equipment, which is very helpful for the current version of the copy.

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