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What is Baby Pokemon

Pokemon GO fans believe that Pokemon GO Gen 2 update is expected to arrive as the game is losing popularity. Moreover, a new update for the game is expected to be available in this week. One of the new features that is expected to arrive soon is Baby Pokemon.

The Pokemon GO Gen 2 update will introduce 100 new Pokemon. Also, players will also 86 new set of moves. However, reports suggest that in order to get new Pokemon players will have to perform Pokemon Breeding.

The breeding process will result in Baby Pokemon. In other words, it will allow players to transform first generation Pokemon like Chansey, Horsea and Eevee into second generation Pokemon. The idea of introducing the new feature is to increase the interest of players once again. Rumors have it that Baby Pokemon can metamorphose into rare and Legendary Pokemon. A new egg chart has surfaced that shows the new Pokemon that result from hatching.

One new feature that is expected to be available this week is Pokemon Buddy. Niantic has confirmed that the feature will be arriving in the next update. The said feature will allow players to select one Pokemon from his Pokemon to make him his buddy. It will also appear alongside trainer on the Pokemon GO avatar page.

The Pokemon Buddy will walk around his trainer. After covering certain distance with the buddy, players will be awarded with a candy. As far as distance is concerned, Niantic is expected to use the same system that Pokemon GO make use of for hatching eggs. Another a new feature is expected to be available this fall as the company has said “a lot more in the works this fall.” Rumors have it that the much awaited Pokemon Trading will be introduced soon.

It seems that the company is putting efforts to retain players interest in the game by adding new features. Have you stopped playing the game? Or are you waiting for Pokemon GO Gen 2 update and other features arrive soon? Do let us know your thoughts by posting your comments below

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