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World of Warcraft Classic Causes 223% Increase in WoW Subscriptions

Vanilla WOW Gold It’s not that WoW subscriptions have had a bad time sometime since the game’s release but the arrival of World of Warcraft Classic seems to have been a more than considerable push.

According to data from Superdata (via VGC) this version of Blizzard for PC has caused the game’s subscriptions to grow by 223% over July 2018. However not all that glitters is gold … According to various analysts these numbers are still insufficient given the revenues for Blizzard which seem lower than those achieved by the Battle for Azeroth expansion.
Even so WoW Classic is not only being one of the most played titles right now on the PC it’s one of the most viewed on platforms like Twitch. In this sense the numbers can be expected to continue to grow and more and more players will be trying out this “new” cheap World of Warcraft Classic Goldversion which improves many aspects of the game which already takes 15 years of history.

In addition to more polished graphics you can expect new content as well as various upcoming events and content.

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