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World Of Warcraft Classic players are reporting old features as bugs

World Of Warcraft is an old game that has changed a lot since it was first launched back in 2004. Many players might have forgotten just how the game worked back then and as a result, players with access to the new classic version of the game are reporting old features as bugs. World of Warcraft Classic is currently in beta, which means some players are getting a chance to experience a much older version of the MMO ahead of its release. WoW Classic is based on how WoW played in August 2006, back around update 1.12. Back then, things were different. Tauren hitboxes were much larger, sitting could cause certain combat effects to not trigger and completed quests were marked with dots and not question marks.

For one thing, quests weren’t automatically tracked on your map, and even the icons that denote quest givers were inconsistent. Spawn rates were also much lower than they are in the current iteration of the game. There are also some strange quirks, like Taurens having longer melee reach than other players, sitting down while being attacked causing some abilities not to trigger, and the mysterious message, “Your skill in Protection increased to 15” appearing when you level up. All in all, the list of “not bugs” currently sits at 13 items. Still troubled by lack of World of Warcraft Classic Gold, come and buy Cheap WOW Classic Gold from, the cheapest online in-game currency store.

You can find the full list on the WOW Classic forums, but here are some highlights. First, there are the annoyances. Blizzard never said that reverting to the game’s earliest stages wouldn’t bring with it some things they’ve improved upon since, after all. “Quests, objectives, and points of interests are not tracked on the map or minimap,” for example. Time to get out there and explore.

Wowhead notes that Blizzard has also posted a list of known issues, or bugs that are actually bugs. Some of these include Hunter pets not automatically returning to your side when they enter passive mode, and signing into Twitter through the menu option crashes the client.

World of Warcraft: Classic launches Aug. 27. The game will launch in stages so that it builds to an endgame similar to the original’s progression. The first stage will recreate the game as of March 2005, four months after the game’s original release and one month after its European debut.

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