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World of Warcraft Classic: the best ways to get gold without “grinding” too much

WOW Classic Gold World of Warcraft has had a fantastic trip to the past thanks to the opening of the servers to be able to play its first version of all which was launched in 2004. WOW Classic has had a great reception from the community.

Such has been the success that many servers were collapsed during the first days of launch. Many players want to relive this adventure that began 15 years ago. However there are also many others that start in this game for the first time.

If you are from the second group or if you want to remember the odd trick in this guide we propose some ways to get gold quickly in the game. Of course gold is essential in WOW Classic and getting large amounts will allow you to access increasingly powerful items.
World of Warcraft Classic: the best ways to get gold without too much trouble

Players need all kinds of consumables to improve their statistics reload mana or give them an advantage in battle. You can capitalize on this hungry market based on herbalism and gathering the materials that people will need to produce potions or consume directly. You can sell them and get good profits.
Mining is a great profession to earn a lot of money at the beginning of the game but it is reduced in terms of profitability later. If you need extra money this is a good way to get it.
Guild Provider

Before facing a raid or dungeon with your guild you can buy the most useful materialsVanilla WOW Gold the day before and sell them to your team members during the preparation of the mission. With this you can take advantage by selling the items at a higher price.

Be a bodyguard
This is a more eventual method but very good for extra income. You can protect weaker players and defend them from other players who want to assault them. Of course this is not something that is done for charity do not forget to demand your fees.

Manipulate the market
There is nothing like speculating after all it is a good way to make money. Of course WOW Classic allows this option so be prepared to buy the most expensive items and when they are not left other players will be forced to buy them at the price you choose.

Fishing is easily the most profitable profession in the game and can be a great way to earn money while taking a break between dungeons and missions. It never hurts to throw the line without any pressure.

Fur business
While fishing is the most profitable profession skinning is the most convenient. While you are killing creatures as part of your missions or dungeons having the Desuello profession will allow you to divide your remains to obtain useful craft items. It doesn’t take any extra time and squeezes a little more profit from your murders.

If you have just started your game or are going to start playing in WOW Classic you can consult our guide on the best combinations of race and class or where to find all the missions of The Caves of Laments (WC)

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