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Yong Heroes is a game of the role-playing swordplay genre

Recently, the appearance of the Yong Heroes swordplay role-playing game with a unique vertical screen form caught the attention of the gaming community. This mobile game was released by 4399en game.

Yong Heroes is an auto MMORPG game, where your main goal is to complete quests and gain XP to level up. The game opens up with an introduction to all the characters you can choose for free. There are four primary character selections like Bladesman, Swordsman, Spearman, and a Wizard. The characters have more different attributes like origin, class, and style. You have to complete various quests and tasks using different abilities of your characters.

Yong Heroes players enjoy and freely with the unique vertical screen, experience the easy manipulation of the game anytime and anywhere with just one finger, easy to control. This is the first highlight that many people can recognize in this game. The popularity of the horizontal screen form in the role-playing game makes the game Yong Heroes different. Perhaps we only see this in the H5 game. If you are in lack of Yong Heroes Ingots, visit our site, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

Not only easy manipulation, game Yong Heroes also impressed gamers about the cute swordplay image, the design is somewhat separate when building a new character image. Besides chibi style, players will see the modern, youthful spirit of the classes in this mobile game.

The game has 4 generation: Sword Guest, Dao Guest, Thuong Khach and Vu Chuc. These are the 4 classic systems of swordplay and players can choose their own style freely.

PK activities, clan fights, server, inter-server, boss hunting, free transactions in RPG Yong Heroes also bring many interesting things for “players” to enjoy collective activities, top racing or “plowing” hoes ”. This is a game where you can compete fairly with any force.

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